Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why do I get more abuse of Christians for been Mormon than I do of atheist? —campire

Whatever happened to respect thy neighbor and you have just as much as a chance of been wrong about god than the other two thousand other break away president churches.
I see that too, campire. It seems that the majority of Mormon detractors here on Y!A are Christians. I'm an ex-Mormon atheist so I'm actually interested in your particular religion, while most atheists are probably not. You have to understand, to someone who was never Mormon and does not subscribe to any supernatural beliefs your church must seem totally insane. They don't give it the time of day because they can't even relate to you. Disappearing gold plates? A book of ancient American history with cows and pigs and sheep? Horses and chariots?

Mormonism probably doesn't impact their lives much, unless they watch a lot of reality TV.

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