Saturday, July 12, 2008

I just got baptized in the Mormon church about a month ago and realize it is not true. What do I do now? —james

Has anyone had experience with this? There are a lot of beliefs that I don't agree with for example in Matthew 22 verse 24-32 it states that in verse 30 that for in the resurrection they neither marry nor are giving in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven. The Mormons believe that in order to get into the celestial kingdom you have to get married, then you will be with your wife in the celestial kingdom. If one has never married, then they cannot enter the celestial kingdom unless you have no opportunity to get married. For example is you are disabled or if no one wants to marry you. That is very subjective I’m my opinion.....what you don't want to marry that person?? I kind of feel dumb because I did not research it enough.
Whatever, james. You got baptized a Mormon a month ago? So then you happened across a New Testament verse and suddenly "knew" the Mormon interpretation was wrong? Christians bashing Mormons is one thing, Christians being dishonest in order to make some bizarre point--that's downright embarrassing. You haven't represented your Christian faith very well here, sir.

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