Friday, July 4, 2008

False promises... —OnePartPerBillion

At the moment I am trying to figure out how my sister deals with it. TBM family, 5 kids, and a husband out of the country and away from the family earning a paltry income while family resides in low-income housing. He is TBM also. She's got too feel lied to I'd think. All those promises that going along with the program and popping out the kiddies will be the greatest good... and you will be happy. But then, once you are locked in it is all about enduring to the end and happiness won't come until you DIE (and even then its no guarantee.) Goddess I am glad I escaped before getting so locked into the program but it tears me up to see what my sister is going through.


truly confused wrote:
What is wrong with people that they think this is ok? They don't plan on staying here so it isn't like they will pay taxes back into the state here. Yet, the church tells them to have babies so they keep on doing it.

Amen. I have seen that in every Mormon ward I've been in. This religion seriously impairs people's ability to make reasoned choices. All the big ones are laid out for you and are non-negotiable. The others depend on some weird notion of getting an emotional confirmation while at the same time ensuring it wasn't you feeling good about the decision but actually a deity living in the pleasure center of your brain.

And then of course they can never learn from mistakes either, because if it didn't work out it was a trial. "I don't know why God wanted me to make this move, but I trust that He has a purpose."

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