Friday, June 13, 2008

Mormon undergarment question: Straight forward yes or no do they protect the wearer against injury? —Please dont club me

If so by what mechanism?
My mormon friends dont get so uptight here at work as the respondents on this forum when I say they are magical. I am of course out numbered 3:1 and they like to try to convert me with the notion that in standard christianity you dont get to keep your wife. Of course I agree with them that if you are happily married its got a serious good point to it and they dont have the whole eternal hellfire thing going just the outer darkness.
I can only take the LDS respondents here at face value, but at least for me I did believe the garments were a physical shield and protection against injury. It's not just folklore, it's a teaching that comes directly from the temple. I take it some of you are now interpreting that as purely a spiritual protection?

I realize that to outsiders the garments just seem silly, but they have a strong if subtle impact on adherents. Even for ex-Mormons there's a fear in not wearing them, sometimes long after the person concludes intellectually that they do not believe in Mormonism. For most people it's a memorable moment when they trade in their garments for regular underwear.

When I start a religion there will definitely be garments and they definitely will give physical protection. And they'll be much sexier. ;)

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