Monday, May 12, 2008

Utah Jazz —rusty...

Mike Tirico gave an elaborate explanation on ABC for Larry's absence at yesterday's game. And it was mentioned again in today's DesNews, with the added point that Utah hasn't hosted a home game on Sunday since like 2001 or something. Tirico said Larry was going for a long drive. I don't get it, honestly.

Oh, and did anyone else hear this? I'm listening to KSL while driving to the Panda Express today, and the big news was this: David Archuleta did more than sing the national anthem at Friday's game. While he was sitting in his suite watching the game, he and his family were asked if they would come visit the suite five over from them. Who was in it? Thomas S. Monson. The news blurb just said they were given some advice, and something about how wonderful it all was. I still think it's hilarious that none of the Jazz players or their coach for the past twenty years had a clue who Tommy was when he broke their huddle earlier this year.

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