Friday, May 30, 2008

Most Damaging Evidence —alis

What is the most damaging evidence that TSCC is not true?

I'm have moments every day where my mind keeps going back to thinking that maybe TSCC is true and I'm just wrong. So then I try to think logically and put things into perspective. I tell my self about the polygamy or about how JS was a pedophile. But I just need something that is the MOST damaging so that I can tell myself that when I'm having these feelings.
I appreciate all the responses too, it's nice to get a refresher on all the nonsensical things I used to keep balanced on the shelf somehow. Alis, it's a stage in the process really. I used to read voraciously about all of the above topics, and I'm glad I did. But now I find the BofA no more "damaging" than the story of a resurrected white Native American floating in Joseph's room. It just takes time. You're going to be OK.

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