Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is it true that every non-Mormon teenager is a pervert (I don't agree with this)?
Because I was arguing with an online friend of mine about stuff of that subject and he is kind of a pervert and he says all teenagers are, but I disagreed saying that that is a big stereotype. Then he said that I am the only one who is not a pervert because I am a Mormon.

Who is right in this situation? —Nijg the Moron I mean Mormon

pervert, n.: one who has turned away from what is generally done or accepted

Not to get all pedantic on you, but by definition all teenagers cannot be "perverts." My guess is you're talking here not about a preoccupation with sex (that's normal), but with an especially crude way of speaking about it. The Mormon religion tends to produce kids who are very image-conscious; some people describe Mormon culture as judgmental or overly focused on surface "righteousness" like not swearing or smoking cigarettes. I guess how you view it depends on whether or not you're Mormon.

Anyway, the point is I can see why your friend might feel Mormons are the exception when it comes to crass language. And maybe that's a good thing. But you could also argue that a kid who is comfortable in his own skin and not guilted from birth about his own sexuality might end up more well-adjusted in that regard. The big antithesis of the clean-cut Mormon youth image in the internet age is that Utah is tops for many soft-core erotic searches on Google. They may be human after all.

Try it yourself, Utah comes up tops for "bikini," "playmate," "topless," "thong," "tease," nearly every term you can think of that's not too hard-core.

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