Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why can't families watch a mormon wedding if they're not mormon?
Why can't you watch, say, your son or daughter get married in a temple if your not mormon? —carlss

I really think this policy will change in time. It's the most glaringly "cultish" practice in the church today and creates a lot of animosity toward the church. And for what? I won't be surprised if this changes during Monson's tenure.

formermo: I'm just guessing of course, but it's an easy change to make really. They'd still do the endowment stuff, and probably even the "sealing" thing in a small private setting, but that could be viewed as preparatory to a public wedding ceremony that's done in typical wedding attire. You don't have to let the guests roam freely through the whole temple. This way you could even wed non-member spouses in the temple, just skipping the sealing part altogether.

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