Saturday, March 22, 2008

What is it like for a non - mormon to live in a predominately mormon suburb/city? Just curious.? —zotta1

My town is mostly Mormon. If you're a friendly person and into having close relationships with neighbors, I think you'll find most Mormons are happy to have association with "nonmembers." Just realize that's what you'll always be to them, a nonmember friend. They may try to convert you, or they may not. But you'll want to be very sensitive to the world they live in: generally no swearing, particularly you never hear Mormons say "Lord" or "god" as a cuss word. Unless they were converts they likely know very little about drinking and tend to be very uncomfortable with even the sight or mention of alcohol. Otherwise they're like anyone else.

And if you'd just as soon be left alone, that's easy in a Mormon community too. They may bring you cookies at Christmas, but they're not going to run you out of town.

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