Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Letters to General Authorities, How are they handled? —Sparrowhawk
Suppose a hypothetical member wrote a letter to the GA's expressing dismay or opposition to their unequivical endorsement of the Federal marriage amendment. What would happen? I was curious if anyone here knows how such letters are handled. I have heard anecdotally that they are just skimmed and then sent back to local leaders? Is this the case? Or do they just get ignored. I was surprised that the church website has absolutely no button for contacting church leaders. Even the president of the United states takes letters... This seems a little strange and dissapointing to me.
I think that's the most common response, Sparrowhawk. Like you, I've only heard anecdotally about such things. There have also been instances, though, where an answer is given. The protocol seems to be to send the response not to the individual, but to the local leader, who reads the letter verbally to the questioner. A written copy is not given.

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