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Speaking in tongues in LDS Church, Has anyone seen this recently? —Corky Wallace
I remember from my childhood the AOF position on LDS belief in speaking in tongues, but I haven't heard of it occuring in an LDS church setting anytime recently. Has anyone else? I now attend a Baptist congregation with my family and have observed speaking in tongues, a couple of times. While that was pretty rare, the general atmosphere in our church is pretty "lively", at least compared to what I remember from going to Mormon church or occasionally attending Catholic church. Today there is an article in the SL Tribune about the Pentacostals, certainly even more "lively" than just about every other congregation. Is there any significance to the fairly quiet, somber, "reverent" atmosphere in LDS churches vs a more expressive atmosphere in some of the protestant faiths? I always thought it was interesting that the Article of Faith mentions speaking in tongues when it almost never happens, at least in LDS (and certainly other) groups.
QUOTE (Freedom @ May 6 2006, 11:40 AM)
As far as I am aware, speaking in tongues has never been babbling in some unknown language. ...

Yes, in the early church there were magnificent outpourings of the spirit when people spoke remarkable things but it was was not common. Usually it was accompanied by angelic ministrations as far as I am aware.

You may be surprised how common this was. My best suggestion would be to read Mormon Midwife, a transcript of Patty Bartlett Sessions's diaries. Her daily entries are filled with mundane mention of speaking in tongues.

QUOTE (14 February 1847)
we prayed sung in toungues spoke in toungues and had a good time

QUOTE (28 February 1847)
Br and sister Leonard and sister Buel was here last night we spoke in toungues and had a good time
QUOTE (13 April 1847)
visited sister E R Snow with sister Leonard had a good time spoke in toungues and prophesied the spirit of the Lord was with us

QUOTE (23 April 1847)
we had a good time we prayed propesied and spoke in toungues and interpreted and were refreshed

QUOTE (1 May 1847)
Sylvia and I went to a meeting to Sister Leonards none but females there we had a good metting I presided it was got up by E R Snow they spoke in toungues I interpreted some prophesied it was a feast

These references continue throughout her life.

QUOTE (5 November 1851)
went to the female meeting had a good time sister Angel sung a song in toungues I interpreted have wrote it off

QUOTE (10 March 1852)
I went to the counsel of health Heber gave us a lecture Dr Sprague spoke in toungues I interpreted it was great

QUOTE (19 February 1855)
went to Br Birches to the party they sent a carriage after me we had a good dance a good spirit prevailed many speeches were spoke songs sung speaking in toungues interpretations and thus we spent the time good order and the Spirit of God which caused peace goverened the party and truly it was a good time

QUOTE (29 April 1886)
I have finished another Pair of stockins the Releif Society met here today they had a good meeting speaking in toungues & proffcing &c &c

Speaking in tongues, a sure way to have a good time.


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